Sunday, April 27, 2014

SUPER UPDATE! (April 27, 2014)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Having some issues? Not good.

I've got a lot of personal issues that needs to be dealt with. O.o


* The Battle, which I've been working hard on since January, will have to be postponed for a very long time.


    • Excuse # 1 - The Battle, a 3D Animated short that I've been working on since the start of the year, requires a lot of time to complete. Since there's  only one of me to do all the required tasks of creating a full digital world, it might take me one year to finish the whole thing. To elaborate more, I need to do every job involved in the different stages of the project, which are:
      • Development Stage - I need to develop the main idea of the whole thing and create a proper script.
      • Pre-Production Stage - I need to prepare all the materials I'll be needing for production. (Character Models Fully-Rigged, Stage/World of the story, etc.)
      • Production Stage - Shoot the whole thing by setting up a virtual world on my laptop and using a virtual camera(on Blender) I have to capture the characters which I have to animate first.
      • Post-Production Stage - I'll have to piece together the whole thing as a final video, which requires me to apply appropriate sequencing of scenes and apply additional visual effects, sound effects and music.
    • Excuse # 1.2 (Development Stage) - The main idea of The Battle is too important that I need to think it through properly before sealing it. That's why I need more time to study my script before deciding that it's final. I don't want to create an ineffective story for the idea that I want to show the people. It's going to be God's Words that I'll be portraying on the short that I need properly understand it. I don't want to create another of those videos that misinterprets His Words so I have to hold the production for now.
    • Excuse # 1.3 (Pre-Production Stage) - There are NINE characters in The Battle that I need to model and rig. I only finished one after 2 weeks and I still need to do 8 more. And each character becomes more elaborate, so finishing them all might just consume the 1 year chance that my parents gave me to become a success as a YouTube Partner before they force me into another "collegiate journey." So yeah, I NEED A TEAM OF MODELERS AND RIGGERS to finish on time.
    • Excuse # 1.4 (Production Stage) - Same as modeling and rigging, animation requires a lot of time. And even if, it's only a 4-5 minutes short, it's not going to be easy. (Heck it even took me 3 weeks to this: So I am not confident that I'd be able to do it in 1 month, given the fact that the script is not final yet and the characters not ready. I already spent 5 months of my 1 year chance and I only created 3 videos! And I'm already seeing some small digits on my revenue as a YouTube Partner! So I have to postpone The Battle.
    • Excuse # 1.5 (Post-Production) - The Battle involves extensive amount of vfx. And a lot of rendering. My laptop (Neo Basic B5700 N, Intel Core i7 2630QM, RAM: 2GB ) cannot handle all of them. I have to develop different techniques to make it a bit lighter for my laptop but add more production time, which is not good for my 1 year chance. My laptop is already crashing so much and I'm praying that it's not gonna give up on me within this 1 year.

    • Excuse # 2 - I HAVE A VERY BIG PERSONAL ISSUE! I've been starting a lot of projects already that I'm having hard time finishing them all! So I decided to finish one of the biggest project that started it all. I'll need another post to explain it all but here's a photo for now:
The next BIG THING!

And THAT's IT!

Excuses excuses! HAHA!

But don't worry!

The upcoming projects will be more than my excuses. The Battle will still be continued in the future.

For now...

Keep an eye out for this titles:

      • Spatula 1-3
      • Anime Addicts Series
      • MBC (Man Behind Cam)
      • The Descendant of Van Helsing
      • Supers Academy


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

WEEKLY UPDATE! (April 13, 2014)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Having some really awesome progress!!

This week is filled with awesome progress....


* The "YOU" character for Doodle Notes' upcoming 3D Animated short called, The Battle, is modeled and ready for proper rigging!

YOU's comin' to punch you! XD (Just a partial rig for YOU to make him pose)

* Another progress for this week is the publication of my very first book called, Don't Wanna Fall Again, on Google Play. You can read the book for free here: Link to the book on Google Play


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Sunday, April 6, 2014

WEEKLY UPDATE! (April 6, 2014)

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sometimes, things don't work the way they're planned...

A very unexpected tragedy happened this week...


* Elsa was corrupted! CLICK HERE!!! 

....but in spite of the tragedy, I did use this week's time for something awesome! :D

* Finished Storyboarding the Doodle Notes Short project, The Battle!

* I also finished the FINAL EDITION of my very first finished book, "Don't Wanna Fall Again!"

* I will be giving you updates within the next week where you can read it! I'll make sure it's convenient and FREE!


If you want to do something while waiting for it, check out Doodle Notes on YouTube! Click here!
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good and Bad news!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I have a good news and a bad news.


The tests had to end abruptly.

For the whole month of March, I conducted some tests to measure my skills in 3D Animation (which I'll be needing for Doodle Notes' Short, The Battle -Click here for more details-).

One of the tests is remodeling Olaf of Disney's Frozen.

Although, I failed to copy Olaf accurately -which ended up for me to create a new character named Olof (Click here for more details)-, I did learn stuff from it, like:

  • The Importance of planning ahead before starting modeling a CG character.
  • The importance of acquiring the knowledge about Topology or Mesh composition.
  • Character Rigging knowledge.
  • How fast and bad I model, texture, rig and animate.

After creating Olof, I decided to take the challenge up a notch by remodeling Elsa of Disney's Frozen and do it accurately this time.

I spent one whole week just modeling the head (as you see on top).

Unfortunately, yesterday(March 31, 2014), while doing a test render, my laptop crashed. I thought that it would still be fine after I turn it on -because it's been crashing so many times within the week anyways- so without worrying I just expected to re-render it after restarting, but when I opened the Elsa project file, it shows this:

From one week's worth of work to create this:

After a crash, nothing's left but this:

All I felt was this:

I did learn a lot of stuff while creating the head though, like:
  • Cartoon Head Topology
    • Modeling the face, ear, mouth, teeth, gums, etc.
  • Planar Modeling Vs Box Modeling
  • My laptops endurance to a high poly model.

Modeling Elsa's head also gave me ideas of how I'm going to create;
  • CG Cartoon Hair
  • CG Cartoon Eyelashes and
  • CG Cartoon Eyebrows
      that will make it refreshing for my laptop and easier for me but not compromising the excellence.

It also gave me ideas on how I'm going to texture my CG characters (although I never get the chance of giving Elsa an excellent Texture).



Since I made a deal yesterday that I will not be redoing the Elsa Project test if I can't recover it (and trust me I tried everything the Blender forums said to recover it and still no use), I decided to continue with the main projects.

Yes. Projects. With an "s".

Because I've got a lot of things in store for you guys and one of them is Doodle Notes' upcoming short entitled, THE BATTLE.

Won't really spoil to you the story since it's just a short so the picture would be enough for now (or you can click here to see more. :))

Another one of the project is a book that I've written 4 years ago and I'm currently editing right now. The book is called, "Don't Wanna Fall Again"

I'll be giving you updates in the near future when it's up.

Finally, one of the main projects I got in mind would be this:

This is a story that I came to imagine 8 years ago. It undergo many revisions so I found it difficult to finish it.

It would be presented to you as a Komiks first and hopefully in the future be made a movie. (I'll make it a movie!!!!) Bad news for my English friends out there, it would be in Filipino but I may translate it when it becomes too interesting to not translate. :)

So yeah!

These are just the main projects that I got in mind right now. I still haven't mentioned other ideas I have for the future projects but let's leave that to the worries of tomorrow shall we?

For now, you'll be hearing these projects from me more often so if you're interested, just stay tuned!


This is MJ Vilches of Doodle Notes.


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