Sunday, January 18, 2015

WEEKLY UPDATE (January 18, 2015)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lots of progress this week.
Got a bit of a hold back but still rollin'.

* I finished combining passes for a lot of shots on Garrison Bear!

There are 52 shots in total for Garrison Bear and I finished 37 shots already(all of which are final). 15 shots more then I'll move to the application of sound and music. I might be able to finish Garrison Bear next week if given more time.

* Also, I've been changing my posting techniques on our Facebook Page that gave our posts more reach...


This week I posted lots of photos on our FB page and each post reached a lot of people and it's thanks to these guys:

Shiela Grace Ramirez
Joeven Dumangas
Leah Marie Paula Pagaduan
Albert Bryan Marquez
Archie Duro
Jessilene Jaika Odango
Ricky Bustos
Rejean Tahadlangit
Kacey Orlanes
Ariel Matthew Campita
Rogen Sagarino and
Edison Ejercito

 They all let me tag them to my posts and my post reach have increased dramatically! I'm never gonna forget these guys and all of those who support me unconditionally! XD




* Of course! More progress on Garrison Bear! It might also be finished this week so WATCH OUT FOR IT!

* After Garrison Bear, I'll be resuming the cancelled project that I started last year...

I'll reserve all the talk about it next week! So stay tuned! XD


That is all there is!

My name is MJ Vilches of Doodle Notes!

Bringing forth awesomeness to glorify the Awesome!

Over and out. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

WEEKLY UPDATE! (January 11, 2015)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

First weekly update of the year!
Let's see what Doodle Notes achieved so far...

 * I spent the first two weeks of 2015 enhancing the BLOG.

The features added to the Blog are:

Created a static homepage to make the blog look more like an official website for Doodle Notes.

Added a menu bar to easily browse through different contents from Doodle Notes.

Film and video contents.

Will be opening for business soon!

Doodle Notes' literary works

And a page that'll tell you more about Doodle Notes. Some parts of it are not finished yet though.

 I also updated the cover photo of the Facebook Page.

2015! Here I come!!

So yeah!
Doodle Notes is getting ready for 2015 and I plan
to make this year a fruitful one for the channel. :)

* Next week, I'll try finishing Garrison Bear!

I finished rendering in Blender last year...

...and now I'm moving on to combining all the passes and adding more VFX.

If I don't experience any Baby Titan infestation(which is very unlikely), I might be able to finish Garrison Bear.
But if I'm only given small amount of time to work on it next week, due to some household chores and Baby titan, I'll still try finishing it this month. So yeah. Just pray that I'd be given more time. O.O



My name is MJ Vilches of Doodle Notes.


Over and out.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sea Sphere Explained

Sunday, January 04, 2015


Bong, a 17 year old guy who works as a cleaner dreamt of the sea. 

 He was so happy to see it that he rejoiced as he saw the vast body of water.

Exhausted of his vigorous actions, he decided to rest on the shore.

But as he opened his eyes he went back to the reality that the sea was gone for a very long time.

It was 12 years ago when the see was taken using a device called, Sea Sphere.

It was taken for preservation. Saving it from the danger of pollution.

Bong promised only one thing to his late father: 
To keep cleaning the world to persuade those who took it to bring it back.

As he was finishing up his work, one normal day, something rolled to him hitting his foot.

It was a Sea Sphere!

Overwhelmed by the knowledge of having the sea in the palm of his hands, he took the device away from it's keepers.

Outrunning his pursuers, he took refuge in his best friend, Claire's house.

Claire was shocked with what Bong brought to her house.

Bong lied about where he took it but before Claire could speak, her father, Leonardo appeared asking about the device.

Bong was surprised to find out, that Leonardo is the creator of Sea Sphere.

Bong and Leonardo argued about the return of the sea.

Leonardo told Bong that he did what's best for the sea and saved it from the dangers of humanity.

But Bong told him that he doesn't hold the right to impose that kind of judgement to humanity
and that only God can take away something from them and pass judgement.

Leonardo, actually wanted to return the sea for a very long time
and is waiting for someone like Bong to persuade him that humanity still cares for the sea.

In the end, Leonardo decided to return the sea, 
 believing like Bong that the people learned their lesson and that this time 
they will show much care for nature's greatest treasure; that is the sea.



Director: M.J. Vilches
Screenwriters: Ricky Bustos & M.J. Vilches
Producer: Leah Marie Paula Pagaduan & M.J. Vilches
Executive Producer: Leah Marie Paula Pagaduan
Cinematographer/Film Editor: M.J. Vilches
Lighting Assisstants/Boom Operator: Ricky Bustos & Joeven Dumangas
Cameraman: M.J. Vilches


Michael Roy Malaluan as Bong
John Albert Escalada as Guy 1
Mark Yap as Guy 2
Gelyn Arante as Claire
Salvador Peñas as Claire's Dad


This short film is an entry for the

Salamindanaw International Film Festival 2013 under the Mindanao Shorts Category
and Mindanao Film Festival 2013