Monday, October 2, 2017

What is Doodle Notes?

Doodle Notes is company that focuses on providing
YouTube contents, mainly animated and live films.

Regardless of having two different channels, Doodle Notes
have only one Mission and Vision:

"Bringing forth Awesomeness to Glorify the Awesome"


"Bringing forth Awesomeness"

means providing awesome artistic contents on every platform where artworks can be published.

From digital arts to animated or live films.
Doodle Notes will share not only the final product of an art project
but also the process of how it's made.


"To Glorify the Awesome"

means to give glory to God.

Doodle Notes envision's to become a company
that sets its standards according to God's.

We may not make religious contents more often
but we'll make sure that our videos doesn't contradict to God's teachings.